Corporate Counsel Women of Color: Working Today For A Better Tomorrow

Laurie Nicole Robinson, Esq.

I recently learned about the Corporate Counsel Women of Color  (CCWC) .   It is the brainchild of Laurie Nicole Robinson.   Ms. Robinson is a distinguished graduate of North Carolina Central University and the Indiana University School of Law at Bloomington.  She is an author, public speaker and accomplished attorney.  She currently serves as Vice President and Assistant General Counsel of CBS Corporation.   As a female attorney of color, Ms. Robinson understands the challenges they face in the legal profession.  Ms. Robinson founded CCWC to promote diversity in the legal profession by helping women of color successfully handle obstacles to inclusion. 

CCWC  provides career strategy guidance to members and prospective members.  Law student scholarships and continuing legal education programs are also offered by CCWC.  Membership provides women of color with an invaluable opportunity to network and develop long term business relationships.  Members may publish diversity articles and take advantage of speaking opportunities.  Member achievements are acknowledged and highlighted on the CCWC website.  Finally, the CCWC website posts job listings for employment opportunities. 

The  non-profit corporation has grown from a vision in the mind of Laurie Nicole Robinson to an international organization with over 2400 members.  The membership consists of female attorneys of color who primarily work for Fortune 1000 and Forbes 2000 corporate legal departments.  Members include attorneys from the United States, Canada, Asia, Africa and Europe.  The roster of companies represented in CCWC’s membership ranks is very impressive.

This organization is a jewel.  It’s goals are impressive.  It’s founder is impressive.  It’s membership is impressive.  CCWC is proof of what can be accomplished when determined individuals work together for a common goal.  Each member of the organization is an individual who has demonstrated that they have the ability to succeed on a difficult playing field.  I plan to promote CCWC   because it’s continued success will insure that diversity remains a core value in Corporate America.   As an attorney and the proud father of a female attorney, I support CCWC.    I urge you to pass the word about this group.   The group has 2010 meetings scheduled for Dubai, Singapore and New York City.

Kudos to Laurie Nicole Robinson and the Corporate Counsel Women of Color.   



One response to “Corporate Counsel Women of Color: Working Today For A Better Tomorrow

  1. I agree. I have attended 2 annual conferences for CCWC and found both truly informative and productive. As a minority female partner in a majority firm and the National Bar Association Vice President-Membership, sponsoring the CCWC annual meeting was money well spent. The National Bar Association also offers valuable programming related to career strategies and networking opportunities.

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