American Bar Association – Free Membership Opportunity

Networking and professional development are more important today than ever.  Professionals are actively reaching out to colleagues for the purpose of enhancing their skills and encouraging referrals.  In the past, membership fees for professional organizations have been viewed as a nominal expense and most of us have paid the fees without hesitation.  Today, budget constraints and value considerations have made all of us more selective in deciding which groups and organizations we join.  The current focus is on joining and maintaining membership in groups which  provide the best value for our discretionary expenditures.  Many groups recognize this and are finding creative ways to grow and maintain their membership.

The American Bar Association (ABA) recently launched a membership initiative which offers an opportunity for existing members to invite as many as four individuals to join the ABA for a complimentary membership.  Some – maybe all – members of the ABA were sent four complimentary membership coupons late last year as a “thank you” for their membership and promotional item  for new members.   Prospective members get to use the coupons for a free ABA membership  for the remainder of the current ABA membership year.

The ABA is the largest voluntary professional association in the world.  It is organized by sections, committees, subcommittees and groups which cover virtually every area of practice and specialized expertise imaginable.  If you are not a current ABA member and you want to become one, you might want to contact one or more of your colleagues in the ABA to take advantage of this membership opportunity.  This is one of those rare opportunities with everything to gain and nothing to lose.

UPDATE — Thanks for all the comments and emails on this post.  I spoke to the ABA and they provided me with the following responses to some of the questions raised by this post.  First, the offer only applies to attorneys licensed to practice in the U.S. because  full ABA membership is limited to attorneys licensed in the U.S.  Second, attorneys outside the U.S. are eligible to become associate members of the ABA but there is no free membership promotion available for associate memberships at this time.  Third, for those of you who are eligible to take advantage of this promotion and who do not have a local contact with a coupon— please email me privately and I’ll assist you– .  Special thanks to Kevin Henderson at the ABA for his assistance on this post!


27 responses to “American Bar Association – Free Membership Opportunity

  1. Good post. I currently have a complimentary ABA membership subscription, and it does make a difference.

  2. @Charles & Krystal…would it “make a difference” for one practicing from the far reaches of the earth such as Kenya?! One,if so i am interested! Two,if so what would be the “difference”?!

    • The world is a global economy. The ABA can provide you with up to date information about the views of American lawyers on numerous enconomic issues that affect the global economy. An ABA membership is a valuable resource for foreign attorneys.

  3. I would be interested in a complimentary membership.

    David Gabor
    (516) 248-2525
    400 Garden City Plaza
    Suite 406
    Garden City, New York 11530

  4. I would think these would make good gifts to those not already a member of the organization.

  5. Dear Members,
    I am a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and would like to know if it is possible for me to become a member in any capacity? My motivation for joining the network/ association is to place myself in a position where I have regular contact with and news from the Legal profession with which I do my work.
    If you decide to consent to my request, may I avail of the Free Membership offer. I am willing to provide you with further information with regards to my practice, if you require that.
    Thank you.
    Karin Kahn
    Khayelitsha Legal Nurse Consultancy

  6. i am a member of bar council of Delhi and intersted in this complemetary invitation……..please let me knw also……….

  7. I am General Counsel for a southern California based manufacturing company. I would be very interested in this opportunity if someone would be kind enough to offer it.

  8. Dear all,

    I would be most grateful if you could send me a complementary membership.
    Kind regards,


  9. Hi all,

    I am a lawyer enrolled in the Bar Council of Andhra Pradesh, India, and eligible to practice law in India. I am currently pursuing my MBA in Finance and Strategy in the Indian School of Business. I will appreciate further information as to how I can go about obtaining the ABA membership.

  10. Victoria Knobel-Agius

    I am an international commercial, corporate lawyer, based and working in Switzerland with a US company, graduated from and amditted to the bar in Malta. I have a doctorate in law (LL.D.) and a speciaised Masters degree from the university of amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    I would be extremely interested in being a member of the ABA, if anyone is kind enough to offer. Should you require further info please do not hesitate to contact me via my linked-in account, or e-mail.
    Kind regards,
    Dr. Victoria Knobel-Agius

  11. Hi,

    I completed my LL.B. from University College London (UCL) and then completed my BVC at the College of Law with merit. I subsequently returned to my home jurisdiction of Bangladesh in 2003 and now practice as an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.

    I follow the ABA podcasts with keen interest and would be much obliged if I could be considered for the free membership.


  12. Please see my update above.

  13. Hello – I am one of three owners of a freelance paralegal business in NJ and would like to know if we would qualify for the complimentary membership, if it’s still available. Thank you.

  14. Babareke Taiwo

    I am Jury I wish to explore the opportunity to become a member of American Bar Association

  15. bhagyodaya Mishra

    Sir ,If you have any scheme for free membership of outside of U.S LAWYER then please contrace me .

  16. Hi,

    I am an Advocate enrolled in the Bar Council of Tamil Nadu, India, and eligible to practice law in India. I will appreciate further information as to how I can go about obtaining the free ABA membership.

  17. Chanakya Jayadeva

    Dear Sir,

    I am an Attorney at Law from Sri Lanka. I have over 12 years of practice as a counsel. I am very interested in making use of the chance to be a member of the worlds largest professional body and becoming a member. I do not have any Practing lawyer in US. But I would like to know, if I have a way to become a member of your bar. I could produce all relevant details of me and proof.

    Awaiting your reply.

    Chanakya Jayadeva

  18. Dear Sir,
    I am Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and wish to avail the free membership opportunity, please assist me in this regard.

    Asad Kamal

  19. I am an Advocate enrolled in the Bar Council ofBangalore,karnataka,India a, and eligible to practice law in India. I will appreciate further information as to how I can go about obtaining the free ABA membership.


    i am a advocate and practice in Dhaka Bar since 1984 till to can get free membership of ABA

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