Defense Research Institute – Committed to Diversity

When I became a member of Defense Research Institute (DRI), I was unsure what to expect.  I had no idea whether I would be welcomed into the group or whether I would be treated like an outsider.  I knew DRI had minority members but I wasn’t aware of whom they were or whether they were pleased with their membership.  After joining DRI, several DRI committees and attending a number of DRI events, I am happy to report that I was enthusiastically welcomed into the organization and that I am very pleased with my membership. 

Since joining DRI, I have served on the faculty of at least two national events, most recently the Insurance Coverage and Claims Institute (ICCI).  I met Lee Craig, Insurance Committee Chairman,  at one of the DRI events I attended.  Lee is an active Chairman and supports DRI’s diversity efforts.  Lee invited me to be a presenter at  the 2010 (ICCI) program on the topic of Defending Bad Faith Claims.  Lane Finch was Programming Chair and did a good job.  I was impressed with the number of participants and the quality of the program.  As a result of speaking at this year’s Institute, I made several new contacts and I enjoyed meaningful fellowship with lawyers who practice in the same area that I do.

One of the slogans of DRI is “Committed to Diversity.”  You have to join DRI to take advantage of all of the benefits that come with membership.  Speaking opportunities, writing opportunities, referral opportunities and fellowship opportunities all await you at DRI.  I am enjoying my membership and I encourage more diverse defense attorneys to take advantage of the benefits of DRI by joining the organization.  Success is a destination.  For diverse defense attorneys, DRI is a great stop on the road to success.  I look forward to seeing you at a DRI event in the future.


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