Flap over Judge’s Alleged “Anonymous” Internet Posts Is a Reminder That Internet Posts Are Not Really Anonymous.

An Ohio Judge has come under fire for allegedly making disparaging online comments about an attorney defending a capital murder case pending before her.  Cuyahoga Court of Common Pleas Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold was accused of posting the comments about Attorney Rufus Sims on the website of the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper.  One of the alleged comments criticized Sims for allegedly having an “Amos and Andy style mouth.”

Attorney Sims is representing accused serial killer Anthony Sowell.  After learning of the alleged posts, Sims requested that Judge Saffold recuse herself from Sowell’s case.  After denying making the alleged posts, Judge Saffold refused to recuse herself and filed a $50 million dollar lawsuit against the Cleveland Plain Dealer alleging her privacy rights were violated.  Read the suit here saffold-suit .   Judge Saffold contends that her adult daughter shared the email account used for the posts and that her daughter made the posts.  The Ohio Supreme Court removed Judge Saffold from the case yesterday.  See  DOC042210


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