About Charles E. Griffin

Charles E. Griffin is a member at Butler, Snow, O’Mara, Stevens & Cannada, PLLC. His practice areas include insurance and commercial litigation, healthcare related litigation and financial services litigation. He has experience handling malpractice claims, nursing home defense, predatory lending and predatory insurance practice claims.

Mr. Griffin was an Eastland Scholar at the University of Mississippi Law School.  He served as a Congressional Intern in Washington, DC at the  U.S. House of Representatives.   His experience includes service as a Special Assistant Attorney General,  Municipal Prosecutor, Municipal Public Defender, Municipal Judge, City Attorney and former General Counsel for the  Mississippi Department of Energy and Transportation.  Mr. Griffin is a former Instructor at Jackson State University and former Board Member of North Mississippi Rural Legal Services.

Mr. Griffin is an elected member of the American Law Institute.  He is also an elected member of the Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel (FDCC) and the International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC).  He has been listed in Mid-South Super Lawyers (since 2006) and has been named as one of the top 50 attorneys in Mid-South Super Lawyers (Mississippi, 2006, 2009 and 2010).  Mr. Griffin speaks frequently to many groups, including  the American Law Institute; American Bar Association (ALI-ABA), the National Bar Association, Litigation Counsel of America, the Defense Research Institute and the National Business Institute.  He is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha,  Phi Alpha Delta and the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson, Mississippi.  He is also a Fellow of the Litigation Counsel of America (LCA) and is a co-founder of the LCA Diversity Law Institute.

Mr. Griffin is an authority on diversity in the legal profession and has conducted extensive research on diversity relating to minority defense lawyers and minority defense law firms.  Mr. Griffin is available to advise individuals, corporations, law firms, associations and other groups on topics of diversity, substantive commercial law, insurance and general litigation.  For more information view Mr. Griffin’s profile at www.butlersnow.com/atty_search/bio/241/charles_e_griffin.html

Follow Mr. Griffin on twitter at www.twitter.com/MinrtyDfnsLwyr


4 responses to “About Charles E. Griffin

  1. Hi–

    Ran across your blog as I was doing some research and wanted to be sure you knew about our free publication for litigators. I edit The Jury Expert (http://www.astcweb.org/public/publication/). We publish especially for litigators and focus on persuasion, bias (in many forms) and improving litigation advocacy. Hope you’ll visit us on-line!


  2. Hello,
    As a former Corporate Diversity Officer and now a Diversity Consultant I read with interest the articles in your blog. I was particularly interested to learn of your experience as a Diversity Advisor to Law firms. Perhaps you would be interested to chat more after visiting the blog I recently launched. You might also find my website of interest as well http://www.rlyoung.com . Feel free to contact us if you would like to have a conversation.

    Robert Young

  3. Good Day Mr. Griffin:
    My organization, the Black Women’s Defense League is in the process of preparing the implementation of a national direct action campaign in the struggle to free the “Scott Sisters” who are the victims of such blatant excessive punishment and judiciary misconduct that has had then serving now 15 years of a double life sentence each for the alleged robbery of $11.00 If this sounds a bit insane it IS, but sadly it is also true . We are presently looking for lawyers who will be willing to assist in any way possible in the struggle to have these two women exonerated. One of the women, Jamie Scott, is suffering from kidney failure and if she doe not receive the necessary treatment soon it is very likely that she will die in prison. Jamie’s sister Gladys has offered to give one of her kidneys but of course the powers that be have said no. We understand that your area of law is not criminal but perhaps you can suggest some other attorney’s who may be willing to help, And again even though you work in another area of law, certainly you are more than capable of providing advise, etc.
    While there is a group in Jackson that is working with this case, our group, the Black Women’s Defense league, is a national organization that deals with research, education, training, rehad services, etc. and focuses primarily of helping females of African descent One of our representatives is planning a trip to Jackson soon and if interested, perhaps a meeting can be arranged. These women really need our help and once the case is looked at, by anyone, it becomes explicitly clear that we must

  4. Although my current practice is primarily civil, I have handled dozens of criminal cases. I have handled cases ranging from capital murder to shoplifting. Based upon my experience, I am concerned about the Scott case for a number of reasons. I am following the case locally and I learned today that the Parole Board has assigned an investigator to work full time on their request for a pardon or commutation. When the investigation is complete, my understanding is that the Parole Board will make a recommendation to the Governor. I hope the results of the investigation and the vast amount of public concern about this case will encourage the Governor to exercise his discretion favorably and provide the Scott sisters some relief.

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