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Vote on Justice James E. Graves, Jr. and Other Judicial Nominees Delayed

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley delayed a Judiciary Committee vote on Justice James E. Graves, Jr.’s nomination and several others today.  Senator Grassley delayed the vote until next week when new mmbers of the committee will be named.  Senator Patrick Leahy expressed frustration at the delay on the nominees and called it demeaning.  Leahy specifically pointed out that Justice Graves nomination should have gone forward because he has the support of Mississippi’s two Republican Senators and Mississippi’s Republican Governor Haley Barbour.  The Washington Times reports  Senator Leahy said to Senator Grassley and the other GOP committee members  “I’m disappointed.  I’ll let you call Governor Barbour and explain why [a vote on Graves nomination] didn’t happen.”

Clearly, the Senators appear to be frustrated with their ability to move forward with Graves and the other judicial nominees.  Hopefully, the Committee will move quickly and smoothly next week to approve Justice Graves’ nomination.